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I’m Angela Brown Oberer – but I go by Angela Brown for my house cleaning company because Angela Brown is an easy name to remember – and if people remember your name, and can pronounce it easily, they can refer you to their friends. It’s an easy name for their friends to remember as well.

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I started house cleaning back in 1991 – I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina working a few part time jobs. (Delivering newspapers for the Charlotte Observer and waiting tables in the evenings at Harper’s Restaurant.) One of the waiters at Harper’s cleaned houses during the day and talked me into coming to work with her.I didn’t know much about house cleaning – I was the kid growing up who slighted my chores and always tried to get out of helping around the house. LOL. You probably know or have a kid like that at home am I right?

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Oh No, I Got Fired

On my first day of cleaning houses, I got fired – not for being slothful, but for asking too many questions.
“Why are we sweeping junk under the rug instead of moving the rug and sweeping under it?”
The next day, I started my house cleaning company. I had no idea what I was doing, but my business philosophy is:
“Provide a great service that people need at a fair price… and do it consistently.” – Angela Brown

I asked a lot of questions from my clients. I wanted to know what a clean home looked like to them. What were the hot spots in their homes? What was it going to take for them to feel like they had the cleanest home on the planet? I did endless surveys with my clients, and you know what? They gave me honest answers and lots of feedback. I’ll admit some of it was hard to take because I was the business. I was the one responsible for making the corrections. I took it personally and used the suggestions to empower me.
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We Need a Fail-Proof System

Then I created a fail-proof system that is super easy to duplicate and works consistently on ALL of my clients.
I incorporated what was necessary at one home – to all my houses. And then a mysterious thing happened.
My house cleaning business exploded!

Suddenly I had more referrals than available time slots. I had a waiting list with thirty people…
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Can You Have Too Many Referrals?

My house cleaning business blasted into a full-fledged operation becoming my only and full-time job – and I was working on weekends.
I hired several house cleaners to help me.
Hiring more people seemed like a simple solution to my rapidly growing database of referrals.
It was far from simple.
My clients had become family. I wanted to protect my family. I didn’t want just anybody to show up and clean. I wanted to make sure the new house cleaners were drug screened, background checked and had been trained properly to clean. I was sending new house cleaners into my client’s homes, (a home is usually a person’s most valuable asset), and they were working around my client’s families, children, pets, and parents. This is not something I took lightly.
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Proper Training is Key

The training process was extensive, and attrition was high.  So was the expense of bonding, insurance, workman’s comp, cleaning supplies and vehicle costs for my employees. Eventually, I spun each house cleaner into their own business with a full roster of clients and scaled back.

Oh, my gosh, house cleaning is a scalable business. It is so totally cool. You can add new customers or cut back according to the different demands life throws at you. I cut back and returned to school to take some business, marketing, and management courses, all the while implementing my new found skills to my house cleaning company.
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House Cleaning is a Scalable

Over the next 24 years, my life was a tidal wave of house cleaning success, while I surfed with the ebb and flow of life. I moved to various cities, each time relocating my house cleaning company and starting over from scratch.
My easy-to-implement tried, and proven system had me up and running with a full new pack of clients within two weeks of each move.  This is not guesswork – it is a proven system that works. And it’s simple.
I got married, bought a home, helped raise relatives children, sold our house, bought another home and pursued an acting career. All the while house cleaning part time or full time. It was the one constant thing in my revolving world and the referrals flooded in.

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Success Creates New Opportunity

I kept training new house cleaners and rolling them into their own house cleaning companies with a full data bank of clients (It was a way to serve my customers who had faith in me and kept sending referrals my way.)

In the fall of 2015, I had so many referrals, I was giving away 40-50 house cleaning referrals a month for several months to any house cleaner or maid service that had any business savvy. (Franchises included.)
I interviewed and screened dozens of house cleaners, and then I overloaded them with referrals until they told me to stop sending business their way. Imagine that. And then it hit me – there is a better way than one-on-one training with a backlog of house cleaners.
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First Came the Book:

How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company Go from Startup to payday in one week which is all about the basics of setting up your home office and what office supplies you will need. In the book, you learn how to choose a company name, a logo, and a uniform. All of these will set you up correctly for a brand that will last your lifetime. You learn how to set your hours, rules and company policies. We show you how to choose a territory to conserve on travel time, and you learn some business basics about marketing.
Of course, you need to know how to bid a job, what to charge and even the type of car you will need.
There is a bunch on how to build confidence when you don’t any referrals or references yet, and then we cover some “need to know’s” such as bonding and insurance.
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 Keep Updated with a Blog

Then came the demand for a house cleaning blog called:
Ask a House Cleaner (hosted by WordPress and featured dozens of times on Google+.)
Ask a House Cleaner is a blog for professional house cleaners, maids, and Janitors where we answer the nitty gritty stuff like what to do when you don’t feel like going in for work. Or what to do with that hateful high-maintenance client.

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The Fast Track to Success

And then the Fast Track To Success where independent house cleaners, new startups, and existing business owners can learn everything about the fail-proof system to skyrocket the success of their house cleaning companies.

The system we use flat out works. We’ve test marketed inadvertently for 24 years with the people in our network who are still thriving in business after all these years. Some of them running multi-million dollar house cleaning franchises, while others are working solo, providing for their families on a part-time basis. Bottom line, it will work for you too.

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The Savvy Cleaner Network

The business owners that have completed the Fast Track to Success Training are Savvy Cleaner Certified. Once certified, they are welcomed into (an exclusive community) The Savvy Cleaner Network™. Here they find peer-to-peer networking and support. Together we troubleshoot business ideas, ongoing training via webinars, special reports, classes with industry leaders, conference calls and a job board.
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