Angela Brown’s Tell-All Interview

Angela Brown’s tell-all interview with Ken Carfagno uncovers never-before-told stories about how the house cleaning guru came to be. Learn about Angela’s upbringing and the driving force in her formative years that informs her business choices today.

Ken Carfagno interviews Angela Brown on Smart Cleaning School Podcast

Fun Fact: The Smart Cleaning School interview with host Ken Carfagno was the LONGEST interview Angela Brown has ever done. It was in fact turned into a 2 part series. Angela cringed when she found out the invite was scheduled for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

“WAIT! WHAT? A 90-minute interview – how did that get on my calendar?” laughs Angela. Turns out she had a blast and really enjoyed her time with Ken. She’s since put a cap on interviews – so this one is for the history books. Part one aired on 8/04/2022.


FTC Disclosure: Angela Brown receives financial compensation when the affiliate link(s) on this page are clicked on and a purchase is made. 

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