Savvy Cleaner Easy App

This Savvy Cleaner easy app lets you access your paid Savvy Cleaner Training and Certification courses for house cleaners and maids with the click of a button.

Angela Brown is the founder and CEO of Savvy Cleaner and your course instructor.

Access your member dashboard for easy access to:

  • Paid – Training, Certification and Refresher Courses
  • Paid – Group Coaching
  • Paid – Network Support
  • Free – New Stuff – Wall of Fame
  • Free – Cleaning Supplies Store
  • Free – FAQ
  • Free – Tech Support
  • Free – Cleaning Videos

Fun and family-friendly, the Savvy Cleaner training courses are informative for all the house cleaners in the family. Go through the courses together and quiz each other on the answers so everybody knows how to clean the various surfaces in the home.

Who it’s For: Cleaning business owners, house cleaners, maids and those who do turnover service for Airbnb’s or vacation rentals.

Buy Cleaning Courses A-la carte or Join a Membership: All a-la carte courses are included in one of two memberships. Refresher courses are available to members only. Group coaching is available to members only. Access it all here.

What Sets it Apart: The Savvy Cleaner easy app lets you learn on the go. One click of a button lets you learn on your commute.

Meet the Creator: Angela Brown is a professional house cleaner. She owned and operated one of the largest independently owned residential cleaning companies in the Carolinas for 25 years. She is the author of the book: How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company and the show host of the wildly popular daily YouTube show and podcast: Ask a House Cleaner. Now she’s here to help you grow your own cleaning empire.



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