Sally’s Birthday Cleaning Tip

Sally’s Birthday Cleaning tip is to clean as you go. It makes sense, right? Because there will never be a better time to tidy up around the kitchen than when you are waiting for food to cook.
When the meal is ready (or in this case, when the party is ready), all you have to clean up is the immediate dishes being used. All prep dishes and food have been put away before the meal is served.
This makes the meal much more enjoyable and the clean up easy.
Besides, who wants to clean up on their birthday?

Note: Today’s #shorts is a #behindthecleans at Savvy Cleaner, where today we celebrate Ms. Sally’s birthday.
Woot Woot!

Happy Birthday Ms. Sally.

Note: Sally is part of the Media & PR team interacting with Savvy Cleaner members in our learning library and friends and fans of Angela Brown and Savvy Cleaner on social media. If you see her around, say hi. She’s lovely and full of great #kitchencleaning tips.

Behind the Cleans

Q. What is in the crock pots on the tables at the party?
A. Simmering apple cider with oranges, cinnamon, and cloves.

Q. Where did you get the crock pots?
A. #Amazonfinds

Q. Did Angela Brown cater this party or cook the food herself?
A. Angela Brown did all the catering for the party. She’s big on throwing parties and makes it a point to celebrate each team member’s birthday.

Q. Did Angela Brown make the cake?
A. No, she made an oath to never bake another cake. Here is the video explaining why:

This show was sponsored and produced by Savvy Cleaner – House Cleaner Training and Certification. ( Your host for this short is series producer PJ Barnes.


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