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Homeowner Questions for Angela Brown

  1. Who Does the Daily Chores? Maid or Homeowner?
  2. Why Do House Cleaners Need to Be Bonded and Insured?
  3. Should Homeowners Sign a Cleaning Contract?
  4. How to Clean Dirty Dog Paws
  5. Hoarding – How Do You Change Your Relationship with Stuff?
  6. How Can You Teach Kids to Clean?
  7. What Tips Do You Have to Get a Teenager to Clean Up?
  8. How Much Does It Cost to Clean 5 Rooms?
  9. Fine China – How Often Should You Clean it?
  10. What Are Guest Room Clean-Up Hacks?
  11. My Maid Broke My Ceiling Fan – Who Should Pay for the Replacement? Her or Me?
  12. Recycling Gifts You Don’t Want – What is the Etiquette of Regifting?
  13. Should You Wear Shoes in Your House?
  14. How Do I Fire My Cleaning Lady?
  15. House Cleaning Rates Increase – Should I Get Charged More if I Have a Baby or Parents Move in With Me?
  16. How Do You Tell if You Have Junk?
  17. Dust – Where Does it Come From?
  18. Who Cleans the Lightbulbs – House Cleaner or Homeowner?
  19. What is Cruelty-Free Cleaning? 
  20. What are Hardwood Floor Secrets & Tips?
  21. Delegate Housework – How Do You Decide?
  22. What Are Cleaning Motivation Tips for the DIY Homeowner?
  23. What Are 5 Ways to Tell if You Have a Bad House Cleaner?
  24. Should I Call the Cops If My House Cleaner Stole from Me?
  25. What Should I Do if A House Cleaner Shames Me for Having a Dirty House?


Cleaning Employee Questions for Angela Brown

  1. What is a Professional House Cleaner?
  2. How Do You Get Over the Embarrassment of People Knowing You Clean Houses for a Job?
  3. Are Qualifications for House Cleaning Necessary?
  4. What is The Best Way to Deal with Obnoxious Customers?
  5. Can My Personal Social Media Pages Affect My Cleaning Job?
  6. How Can You keep Uniforms Looking Professional?
  7. Should You Wear Shoe Covers or Take Shoes Off When Cleaning a Customers House?
  8. Do You Tell the Parents What You Find While Cleaning Their Kids Rooms?
  9. How Can You Remove Permanent Stains?
  10. Domestic Dispute While Cleaning, Should You Report It?
  11. Cleaning Sad – How Do You “Keep it Together” When Your World is Falling Apart?
  12. What to do when a Client Hits on You?
  13. How Do You Deal with Menopause and House Cleaning?
  14. Moonlighting While House Cleaning, Do You Have to Disclose This to Your Clients or Boss?
  15. How Do You Deal with Customers That You Can’t Please?
  16. Cleaning Through Pain – How to Get Through it?
  17. Is It My Job to Clean Up Dog Pooh and Mice Pooh?
  18. Cracks in the Pavement – How Do You Fix Them?
  19. Is It OK to Hold Auditions for House Cleaning?
  20. What is the Savvy Perks, Employee Discount Network?
  21. What Are the Religious Stereotypes That House Cleaners Need to Know About?
  22. Should Company Owners Get Healthcare Benefits for House Cleaning Employees?
  23. Incompatible Coworkers – How Can You Get Along?
  24. Sponges – Should You Have a New One for Each House?
  25. If a Customer Gives Me a Tip, Do I Keep it or Does the Cleaning Company I Work for?

Cleaning Business Owner Questions for Angela Brown

  1. When Should You Go Full Time in the Cleaning Business?
  2. How Do You Know it’s the Right Time to Retire from House Cleaning?
  3. How Do House Cleaners Deal with The Fear of Rejection?
  4. What Do Vision Boards Have to Do with House Cleaners?
  5. How Early Can I Start Cleaning Without Waking People Up?
  6. Websites Old vs. New, How Websites Can Affect Your Business?
  7. Should You Charge Clients a Cancellation Charge?
  8. Is It Good Advertising to Have Your Face on Printed Ads?
  9. Who Collects the Money You as the Owner or The Maid Who Cleans the House?
  10. How Much Do You Pay Your Staff?
  11. How Can You Tell if House Cleaning is Not for You?
  12. What Are the 5 Success Traits of Cleaning Employees?
  13. What to Do If the Area You Live in Won’t Support House Cleaning?
  14. How Do You Avoid Cleaning Scams?
  15. Who Pays for Parking? Does the Employee, The Customer or Do You?
  16. Can You Run a Cleaning Business if You’ve Never Cleaned Before?
  17. How to Give Constructive Criticism to Your Cleaning Employees?
  18. What Questions Should You Ask on a Walkthrough?
  19. Should You Do a House Cleaning on the Same Day as the Walkthrough?
  20. What Are the Challenges of Hiring a Staff?
  21. Should House Cleaners Get House Keys and Security System Access?
  22. How Do You Speed up Slow Maids?
  23. What Are the Risks of Over-Delivering on House Cleaning?
  24. Are Male House Cleaners More Efficient?
  25. What Scams Do Cleaning Business Owners Need to Be Aware of?


Airbnb Questions for Angela Brown

  1. Airbnb – Do You Just Clean It Yourself or Outsource the Cleaning?
  2. Airbnb Guests – Should They Clean Up After Themselves?
  3. Airbnb – What Do You Need to Clean Before the Guests Arrive?
  4. Who Pays When Stuff Breaks? The Cleaning Company? The Maid Who Broke it? or the Airbnb Host?
  5. How Do You Get Rid of a Mystery Smell in an Airbnb?
  6. How Do You Overcome a 1 Star Review?
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