interesting facts about Angela Brown

Interesting Facts about Angela Brown

Interesting facts and things you may not know about Angela Brown in no particular order:
1. She’s run 29 full marathons (26.2 Mi.), 1 ultra (50 mi.) and dozens of half marathons 13.1 mi.)
2. She is the 4th oldest of 19 kids born to the same Mom and Dad. (12 boys and 7 girls) No twins, all single births.

Interesting Facts about Angela Brown, #5 in line in red dress
Brown Family, Angela Brown, #5 in line in red dress

3. She registered the domain name back in 1991 when it was still available.
4. She is married to Patrick Oberer (since 2002) and when she is not house cleaning, goes by the name Angela Oberer, instead of Angela Brown.
5. She played the evil stepmother in the movie: Mandie and the Secret Tunnel
6. She also played the evil school teacher Ms. Hawker in Cabin Fever 2
7. She’s not evil in real life.
8. She was in Toastmasters for 12 years to overcome stage fright and being shy.
9. The only person who can make her laugh out loud is her mom, other than that she chuckles inside her head.
10. She started her first Pinterest board in 2016 and is exploring new ways to Pin.
11. She took a challenge from a high school teacher (Cheryl Hughes, Alta High, Sandy UT, USA) to meet one new person every day — and has kept the challenge for 28 years.
12. When she grew up she longed to be a nurse or a flight attendant – not a house cleaner.
13. She has an in home recording studio for her voice over work & podcasts.
14. She has her father’s green thumb and is “quite good” with plants.
15. Due to some unfortunate nerve damage she had to wear braces on her perfectly straight teeth for two years as an adult.
16. Her missed calling was a clothing designer. She designed and sewed clothes she sold to her classmates in High school.
17. From 2000 to 2002 she was the host of the radio show “Words of Wellness” a show about balance and life organization skills.
18. Every year she travels outside the United States on a personal Meet and Greet tour and has been to places like Rome, Florence, Venice, Munich, Frankfurt, London, and Prague.
19. Her least favorite food of all times is also one of the healthiest – Cauliflower. She says it’s boring to look at, tastes nasty and is flat out – “no fun to eat.”
20. She answers house cleaning questions on the Q & A website and is the most viewed writer on Housecleaning and Cleaning.
21. She can recite the alphabet backwards without cheating or hesitation.

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