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Is Angela Brown an Imposter?

Is Angela Brown an imposter? Who owns Savvy Cleaner or are they a fake cleaning business? Why house cleaning?

Angela Brown is setting the records straight. Find out the answers and learn how she got her house cleaning business off the ground.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Is Angela Brown an Imposter

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Man Calling House Cleaner an ImposterIs Angela Brown an imposter? Oh, that’s a great question, we’re going to talk about that today. I’m Angela Brown, I don’t think I’m an imposter, but I’ll answer your question.  Now, I run a company called Savvy Cleaner, it’s a training company for house cleaners and maids. And in the process of that, we have five Facebook groups.

In Our Facebook Groups, Mean People are Removed

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Angry Woman on ComputerIn the five Facebook groups, if you’re mean and nasty and ugly, and you’re a racist and you’re a bully, we politely remove you from the group and you go your merry way. We don’t chase after you, we don’t stalk you. We don’t engage with you.

And so on the way out the door, as a couple of people have been dismissed from the group, they’ve left some hateful comments, and they have made it very clear they are going to destroy me.

So, they go to these other Facebook groups and they say very nasty things. And then people flood over from the other groups and they join my group to see what on earth this is all about. I get all kinds of requests like, “Are you an imposter?”

Some People Have Said I am an Imposter

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, ImposterSo here’s the root of that. There are some disgruntled people that have said I am an imposter, that I did not ever have a house cleaning business. And this is so unbelievable because why on earth would I make this up?

Because there are much more interesting topics that are more glamorous, that are better uses our time, probably, than learning how to clean.

I am a Real House Cleaner, I am Not Making it Up

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Man Cleaning ToiletSo, if I was going to make something up and this was all a sham, I probably would’ve picked something better than house cleaning. Just quite frankly, I never wanted to grow up to be a house cleaning person, I didn’t. It was a step along my journey.

And then I woke up one-day midlife and I’m like, “Oh my goodness. I turned into a house cleaner, what now?” And then I realized that that’s what God gave me, that’s what’s in front of me. And so, let me make the most of it, it’s not shameful.

It’s not embarrassing, it doesn’t harm anyone in any way if you leave the world a cleaner place. And so instead of running from it and hiding from it, why don’t I embrace it? And so, I came to the forefront and I said, “Why don’t I embrace it? Let’s share the information that we have.”

People Think I am a Paid Spokesperson

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Confused Woman Paying BillsSo that didn’t make me an imposter, but there are lots of people that are like, “Oh, you’re an imposter. You’re a paid spokesperson for the company.” Now, here’s where that comes from.

When I started my house cleaning business, I didn’t have any business skills whatsoever. I did not know about hiring employees. And I did not know about management or money management.  And so, I went through a series of classes and courses to make myself better. 

So, I took a sales and marketing class and the teacher recommended acting. As I started to pursue the acting, and I learned a whole bunch about sales and marketing that was never taught in a sales and marketing class.

And as a result of that, I ended up getting a few small acting jobs, which was fun. It was like a side hobby. I was still running my house cleaning business, but I was doing this on the side. And there are things that I learned that have revolutionized my cleaning business that came directly from acting. 

I Own Savvy Cleaner, I am not a Spokesperson

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Woman on Computer and PhoneSo that said there are people that are like, “You’re a paid spokesperson and you’re representing the Savvy Cleaner brand.” 

I actually own Savvy Cleaner, so it is not that someone paid me from the outside. Because if there was someone and I was just the Oz behind the curtain, I would want to meet the actual CEO of the company if I was not that person because I myself have a whole bunch of questions that I would love to spin ideas with that person, should they exist?

But they don’t. It’s just me. So, I get to spin ideas with myself and my peers and my team and all that stuff.

I am the CEO and a Spokesperson for My Company

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Eggs in BasketThat said, am I a paid spokesperson for my company? The answer is, yes, I am. I am the spokesperson for my company, as you are as well.

If you are the CEO of a company and you talk about your company, you are a spokesperson for your company. Are you paid? I hope you are. I hope you are taking a salary for the work that you do.

And one of the things I will teach you at Savvy Cleaner is how to get paid for the work that you yourself do so that you are a paid person in your company.

Nobody Should Work for Free

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Team MeetingNobody should work for free; you deserve the money that you generate from having a business. So, I am a paid spokesperson, but I am the CEO and I hired myself and I do take a salary for the work that I do.

So, I’m not an imposter that is right out in the open. Because I have acted in the past and there are other projects I do. I represent other companies as well. Many of them are my own. So now, instead of having all my eggs in one basket, we’ve diversified in the background of the business as we build an empire and we’ve built some support projects on the side that support that business.

I’m also a spokesperson for those. So, if it looks like I’m promoting a whole bunch of different products, I am, but I also promote the ones that I own.

I Also Promote Other People’s Products

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, House Cleaner Wiping FurnitureNow, I do promote other people’s products as well. And that’s where the next part of this comes from. Am I an imposter? I got accused one time of being nothing but an affiliate marketer.

And I was kind of offended by that. I said, “Well, what does that mean?” I didn’t even know what the term meant. I’m a house cleaner by trade. I don’t know what an affiliate marketer is.

So, I did a deep dive into what is affiliate marketing. And I was amazed. I said, “Oh my goodness, an affiliate marketer. So if I’m talking about a product that I know, like and trust, and I love the product and I use it all the time, there are people that will pay me to put a link in the show notes of my podcast or my YouTube show. Oh, my goodness, that would make so much sense.”

YouTubers Have to Be Affiliate Marketers

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Affiliate MarketingAnd I had no idea at the time, but that is how YouTubers survive. Do you know how much time and effort it actually takes to produce a YouTube show every single day, it’s a lot of work.

So how do you do it without burning out? We have to hire a team of people that help you. And how do you pay for the team of people? You put links in the show notes. So, for the things that you believe in that you’re recommending you put links in the show notes.

And when people click on those, the company that has those links gives you a small percentage. It’s not a lot of money. It’s usually anywhere from 2% to 5% or 2% to 10% of whatever it is that you’re recommending. So, you get a very small percentage, but that pays for the team of people that you have.

Being Accused Helped Me Build My Business

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Excited Woman on ComputerSo being accused of this one day and the hater that accused me of it had no idea that they were going to send me on a journey that would quadruple my business within about six months’ time.

They did not know they were doing me a ginormous favor because as I started learning about affiliate marketing, I’m like, “Wait a second. We recommend this product all the time. Does this particular company have an affiliate program?”

And I’ve gone to companies. I’ve said, “Hey, listen, I love your product. I use it all the time. And I’m going to share it with all my friends. Do you have some kind of an affiliate program?” And many of them have said, “No, but we will create one for you.” I’m like, Yes, this is awesome.” And it has kept us in business because right now this week, we’re going to approach 900 episodes of Ask A House Cleaner, which is monumental for a small startup company.

I am Not an Imposter, I am the Owner of Savvy Cleaner

Is Angela Brown an Imposter, Woman Recording VideoSo, I haven’t been training online except since 2016, which is when I pivoted my business. As I pivoted my business, we got to figure out a way to make money in the background so that it continues on.

So, am I an imposter? No, I’m not. I’m actually the owner of Savvy Cleaner. I’m also the owner of I’m also the owner of And I am the owner of

So there are a whole bunch of different websites on the outskirts of my business. And because we have created those as solutions to our business, they were set up from day one to spin out on their own one day. I can sell it to someone else or whatever, but it has its own domain names and it has its own social media and it has its own everything. So, it’s its own little company, it’s its own LLC and all those things. So, I have diversified my business so that we can grow an empire. And that does not make me an imposter, it just makes me a savvy businessperson.000 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Bar 2020Resources

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