Angela Brown is a fraud. Her real name is Angela Oberer and she's been deceiving people all over the world by using her maiden name for business rather than her married name. 

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Angela Brown Oberer

Which is it? Angela Brown or Angela Oberer?

Why would somebody intentionally deceive the thousands of people she's supposedly helping, coaching and training?

We asked her this question and here's what she told us:

"My maiden name is Angela Brown and when I started my house cleaning company I used my real name. Ten years into my business I got married. And since all my marketing materials and banking information said Angela Brown, and all my clients knew me as Angela Brown, I decided to keep things as they were.

My married name is Angela Oberer. Phonetically it's spelled O-bur-er, and lots of people are unsure of the pronunciation. I still wanted people to send referrals my way. And Angela Brown was an easier name to remember and pronounce. So I stuck with it."

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Purposeful Deception or Fraud?

There are rumors on the internet of your arrests and deception. Can you address that?

"Using my maiden name for a business is not purposeful deception - it is a logical business decision. All my existing clients knew at the time I was getting married and many of them attended my wedding. It wasn't a secret.

Full Disclosure

I wrote a book "How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company." In it, I was forthright about using my maiden name vs. my married name and explained it all. 

Angela Brown and Angela Oberer being the same person is a known fact on my Amazon author page. And my personal web pages. 

"I've linked my Angela Oberer and Angela Brown Facebook pages and when I go on vacations or have family events, I include tags to both accounts. I'm not hiding anything."

Fraud, Scams & Arrest Records?

Fraud - No Arrest Record - Whew

Don't let the internet fool you. There are hundreds of Angela Brown's in my city alone and while you'll find Angela Brown's with arrest records, obituaries, and more. I am none of those Angela Brown's. I'm the one linked to house cleaning. 

I've never been arrested and have a clean criminal record.

Actress or A House Cleaner Fraud?

After scouring the internet we found Angela Oberer on IMDB and discovered you've been in a few movies and you do voice-over work.

So are you a house cleaner or an actress?

"Both. If you manage your time, you can have hobbies and other jobs known as a side hustle. Lots of entrepreneurs have many streams of income. So do I.

If you sing at your church on Sunday and you end up making an album - good for you. It doesn't make you any less of a house cleaner Monday through Friday. Being a Mom or a Dad doesn't make you any less of a house cleaner. Everybody plays lots of roles. You're not just a house cleaner and nothing else. You could also be a student or a tutor. If you crochet sweaters while watching TV at night and you sell them on eBay it's not an either - or. You can do both. You're not a fraudulent house cleaner because you have a side hustle selling crocheted sweaters...or acting in movies.

Angela Oberer (Ms. Hawker, Cabin Fever 2, Lionsgate)

Acting is a fun outlet for me. And because of the flexible nature of the cleaning business, if I need to be on a random movie set for a few days here or there, it is possible."

Why Did You Change Your Name for Acting?

If your maiden name is how people knew you and you aren't trying to deceive anyone why did you use your married name for acting?

"LOL. I tried to use Angela Brown for acting. But when I joined the Screen Actors Guild they have a funny rule about no two actors using the same name to avoid confusion. They already had an Angela Brown so I went with Angela Oberer. Again, it was just a logical business decision. It ended up being a blessing in disguise because it's helped me compartmentalize my business income streams."

Fraud - Shes really an actress and here's her SAG card to prove it

"Lots of celebrities don't use their real names for this or marketing related reasons. It's a common practice in the entertainment field, and not done to deceive fans, but to avoid confusion."

If You're So Great at Acting Why Do Your YouTube Videos Suck?

"Do they suck? LOL. 

I guess I'm going to have to work on that. No, I never said I was great at acting, I just said I had fun. 

The YouTube videos are a real challenge for me because it's not acting. In acting, they give you what's called a breakdown. And it tells you who you are, what your character is or does, sometimes what you wear or how you feel. And then they give you a script to memorize. You show up and perform it and you get paid."

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"My YouTube videos are none of that. I take questions from the audience and then I strive to provide a valuable answer with actionable steps. 

I have to schedule my own shoots, do my own hair and makeup, I have to interact with the camera as if it were a live audience and for that, I don't get paid. 

Then I'm responsible for editing, producing, publishing and promoting my own content. 

I'm new to technology so the audio and video editing I had to teach myself and I'm still learning new YouTube tips and techniques."

YouTube Fraud and Scam Artist

So You Don't Make Money From YouTube in Any Way?

"I should clarify that I don't get paid a salary to research, create, produce or publish the videos on my YouTube channel. It's not a subscription channel and it's free to the public. Viewers don't pay me anything to watch. 

As a YouTuber, there are ways you can monetize your channel with Google Adsense. You know those videos you have to watch for four or five seconds and then you can dismiss the ad? If you watch the ad before my video begins, I do make money from that.

We also have a few show sponsors who have just come on board who are paying to be mentioned in each of the shows. So we are trying to figure out ways to make money from our daily efforts."

Online Marketer Fraud, Scam Artist

So It's True, You're Just an Online Marketer?

"LOL. What a compliment. Thanks if that's the rumor. I'm new to the internet as of a couple of years ago - I mean I've dabbled in it and had an email account. But I never committed to learning social media or ways to market my business online until January 2016." 

Yes, I'm an Amazon affiliate so if I recommend products or books in my podcasts or YouTube videos or blogs then I do put Amazon affiliate links. If you click on those links we do make a commission which helps pay for our production costs of all the materials we share."

Questions Angela Brown

Influencer Fraud, Scam Artist

Let Me Get This Straight, Are You Making Money Off the People Who Follow You?

"I sure hope so. That is, after all, the purpose of running a business. You turn a profit that pays your bills and your team so you can keep providing information, products, and services to the people who believe in you. In this case, so they can find success in the house cleaning business.

And it's the same for the acting business. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, I make money from people who follow me or stream movies I've been in. It's not a new concept. It is in fact how movie and production companies stay in business. They sell movie tickets and do affiliate partnerships with Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix. The subscription fees from the 'followers' or subscribers help pay commissions and residuals to everyone working on the shows you enjoy.

Many large companies now have residuals, commission or affiliate programs in place that pay you for work you do."

Are You Saying People Have to Believe in You To Be Successful?

"They don't have to believe in me, but they have to believe in themselves. In the house cleaning business days are long and people work alone. There are tough customers that are demanding. If you don't have a strong belief in yourself, you'll fizzle out of the business when the going gets tough. On days when you've lost faith, or you're doubting yourself, the support networks we've put in place will give you a boost. 

At Savvy Cleaner we've created a Facebook group with over 8,000+ house cleaning business owners who share, laugh, chat, and support each other. It's a fun and safe place to hang out."

Fraud - I Can Do It Man Climbing Stairs to Success
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Leadership & Influencer Fraud

Oh, So You're Saying that if people don't join your Facebook Group they won't be successful?

"Not saying that, or hinting at that. People can join our Facebook Group and still fail at business. It's like buying a gym membership and assuming because you're a member of the gym you're going to grow muscles and lose weight. Muscle gain and getting toned comes with a price. If you don't apply what you learn, no group, mine, or anyone else's will save your business.

Having a membership to a gym, if you don't use it, is an expense, not an investment. It's what you do with that membership that determines the outcome. 

The same is true for the Facebook Group, or the seminars we teach, or the online learning we provide, or the YouTube tips, or the book, the podcasts, the list goes on. If you don't take action and responsibility for your business you won't be successful. 

The Facebook Group is just a place to call home with friends and peers who know what you're going through."

Do The People You're Making Money From Know You're Skimming Money From Their Purchases?

"Well, theoretically that is how every company makes a profit. They keep a little bit of the purchase price of whatever they are selling. If you are asking about full disclosure, sure. We have a written disclaimer on every blog, in the show notes of every podcast and in the show notes and description of every YouTube video. Most successful YouTubers, bloggers, and podcasters do some form of e-commerce to offset their production costs. We all have bills to pay so yes, it's an honest way to earn a commission on products you are recommending anyway.

We have a shopping cart on our websites where we ask for and collect payments. We are running a business that makes money, which is a bit different from a non-profit."

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