Beautiful Talented and Wicked Smart

Beautiful Talented and Wicked Smart is more than a catchphrase at Savvy Cleaner. It is the foundation the company is built on.

How Are You Today?

The Savvy Cleaner crew wants to know, “How Are You Today?”
True story, every morning at Savvy Cleaner we have a short alignment meeting. In the first part of that meeting we ask our team “How are you today?” and there is only one right answer.
“I’m beautiful, talented, and wicked smart.”

The Saying Goes…

Have you heard the saying “if you are the smartest person in the room – you’re in the wrong room?” We take that to heart and demand to work around other beautiful, talented, and wicked-smart people. We believe everybody has a burst of God-given creativity and genius in them. At our company we not only encourage it, we expect it.

You Are What You Think

Many of us tell ourselves negative thoughts throughout the day and excuse ourselves from our fullest potential because we don’t think we are good enough, or deserve the lives we dream of.
Imagine what could happen if every day you told yourself “I’m beautiful, talented, and wicked smart!”

Better yet, don’t imagine what could happen. Just give it a try. Repeat this mantra for 30 days and then report back. I want to hear what happens next for you.

Happy Bell Bonus

Note: The yellow happy bell is just icing on the cake (paid link because you’re going to want one or more of these as well.) We use them every time our creativity and talents show up.

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