Angela Brown Uses StreamYard for the Clutter Corner Live

Angela Brown the House Cleaning Guru uses StreamYard for the Clutter Corner live. And now, face-to-face she can help homeowners change their relationship with stuff.

“We’ve been doing the Clutter Corner for almost a year,” says Angela Brown, CEO of Savvy Cleaner. “And then I was a guest on the Smart Business Moves show and they streamed it live using StreamYard and I was hooked. Then I started looking for cool programs I could stream to multiple platforms at once. Of course, the Clutter Corner, sponsored by Hoarding World was a next natural step.”

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StreamYard to HoardingWorld

On the first episode of the Clutter Corner Live went straight from StreamYard to the private Hoarding World Facebook Group. And while the participation was good,  many members asked later if the show could be simultaneously be streamed to YouTube. It seems that replays are easier to find on YouTube if one wants to reference them at a later date. It seems that in other social media groups, the live streams can get lost in the shuffle. 

Angela Brown Takes the Clutter Corner Live

Pros of Using StreamYard

One of the bigger features of using StreamYard is that one can stream to multiple platforms at once if there is a need. And with the professional package, it is possible to stream simultaneously on up to 8 platforms at once and in 1080P resolution.

“This one feature is worth the price of the professional package”, Angela Brown, CEO of Savvy Cleaner adds. “On the Smart Business Moves Show the two hosts were each streaming to 3 of their media platforms and they allowed me to stream to two of mine. Together on that one broadcast, we did use all 8 streams. To do this, they made me a temporary admin on their account, and that allowed me to connect two of my accounts using the same show link. Being able to repurpose your content in real time, and reach more people for the time you are on line is the biggest bang for your buck in live streaming.”

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